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Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis, Minnesota

“First of all, the entertainment that Lynn and the other trio members provided was wonderful. Secondly, and probably just as important to us, the preparation and creation of the atmosphere that we wanted was outstanding. Lynn is great to work with, and very perceptive about our needs.”

Sweeny Media Group, Texas

“Our clients are discerning and look to us to provide professional talent that will make their event unique. Not only that, we must also have talent that understands things change and respond quickly, as well as always being on time with the right team members, and most importantly, the right attitude. One of our favorite entertainers to recommend, Lynn Ross and her musicians, have always impressed our clients.”

Review of Lynn Ross in Jazz Notes

Jazz Notes! Newsletter of the Las Vegas Jazz Society, Jan-Feb, 2010

Event One Meetings, Texas

“As a professional meeting planner who has been entrusted to see that meetings and events come off without a hitch, it is imperative that the vendors we select for events, be top of the line in all respects. With reference to our music groups, that means talent, punctuality, flexibility, decorum, and professionalism. Lynn Ross and her musicians have consistently pleased our clients and have become one of our preferred Entertainment groups.”

Anthem Country Club, Nevada

“Lynn is easy to work with and her style works well with our diverse membership. When facing large age variations, it is tremendous to have a performer that can “speak” to all of them. I have no doubt that Lynn will exceed any expectations you will have of her.”

Grand Oaks Golf Club, Texas

“Lynn is a wonderful performer with a repertoire that covers many genres of music. From Swing to Jazz to Blues and Pop, Lynn’s group delivered an inspiring performance which invited the audience to listen, dance and dine in a delightful atmosphere. Our members were so taken with the performance they have requested we book Lynn and her band again for this year’s event.”

Rolling Hills Country Club, Texas

“Lynn’s performances were extremely well received by our members. She has a lovely voice and, in fact, it was the members who requested that we bring her back to the club again and again.”

San Martino Winery & Vineyards, Texas

“Lynn, as owner of San Martino, I always knew that having you perform at the winery would bring customers; you had a loyal following at San Martino Winery and Vineyards. Your selection of music and skills were always appreciated and, personally, you were one of the very few that brought out the enthusiasm for dancing; it did for me and I am grateful. With the winery, I rarely have the opportunity to dance the night away or at least until closing. You did achieve this for me and our customers. You were very accommodating, resourceful, and took challenges, or I should say, opportunities in stride to make the evening pleasurable for customers and for us.”

Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate, Texas

“All of Lynn’s songs were perfect for East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, she has wonderful interaction with the dancers and truly enjoys singing and entertaining. She brings warmth and sophistication to jazz which transmits to a perfect balance of energy with the dancers.”