“Life hands us choices to make and chances to take every day. If we never make or take any, surely we will miss out on something wonderful that life has to offer.” Lynn Ross


Fun Performance

Vintage Vegas Cabaret Show Las Vegas Fremont Street Jazz Festival Swing at Casa di Amore Las Vegas Maple Point Mike Marcel Thaddeus Dallas Museum of Art Dallas Museum of Art JR's Steak House, Collyeville, Texas Urban Market Dallas Baldwins Aurora

Wonderful Musicians

Frank Leone, Jim Belk, Jeff Davis Larry Milonzi, Richard Bouchard Tony Comisso, Johnny O Mike Garvey, Lincoln Apeland, Dennis Durrick, Phil Canon Benjamin Rose; Mike Garvey; Paul Miller Paul Salos Norm Amadio, Lenny Boyd Vocal Majority Quartet Early days with Bernie Senesky Lennie Boyd, Dale Scaife


Lynn Ross jazz singer Viva Las Vegas Lynn Ross glamour gal Tribute to Billie Holiday Lynn Ross early days Lynn Ross Valentine Kentucky Derby Lynn Ross Favorite Hat Fiesta Santa Baby Tribute to Lena Horne Tribute to Sarah Vaughn Southern girl Lynn Ross pixie cut Flapper Gal