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I Love Las Vegas!

Mary Wilson at the Riv

You’re here. How wonderful! Welcome to Lynnross.com. I love Las Vegas. The main thing I love about it, is the wonderful entertainment available on any given night. I love it all – the music, the dancing, the lights, the costumes, the energy.There are big shows, little shows, big names, little names, big acts, little acts and everything in between. Recently I have gotten to see some great shows and meet the stars.
Some highlights are:
Mary Wilson of the legenday Supremes, at the Riviera, brought me to tears with her rendition of the song Here’s To Life. Mary Wilson with her beautiful voice at 67 years old, is like a ball of fire- an amazing entertainer with the right amount of elegance, style and grace.
If you love the Beatles like I do, check out The Beatles Show at Saxe Theater inside Planet Hollywood. You will not be disappointed! Four very talented performers: Steve Craig as John Lennon, Adam Joel as Paul McCartney, Glen McCallum as George Harrison, and Tony Feliceltta as Ringo Star. The show actually gave me goosebumps.What can I say, it was The Beatles Show!
Also at the Saxe Theater is my most favorite show. Vegas, The Show is without a doubt the best musical variety show in Las Vegas. It has something for everyone, moves at a nice captivating pace, has a an incredibile band led by Jerry Lopez (of the very popular group – Sante Fe)and has some extraordinary talent. For instance, Sean and John Scott are handsome young identical twin tap dancing brothers. Adorable! I couldn’t choose between looking at their gorgeous faces or their feet. Their feet won out. Amazing! And speaking of dancers – Tara Palsha is in the show and is absolutely stunning. A young Cyd Charisse if ever there was one. Tara has beautiful dancer legs and knows how to use them.The show is filled with wonderful singers like Eric Jordon Young, Trina Johnson and Lou Gazzara, just to name a few.

The V Theater is at Planet Hollywood as well, and here I saw the show, Hitsville, starring the fabulous Jin Jin Reeves. What an amazing entertainer! If Motown is what you’re after – it doesn’t get any better.
Another great afternoon show at V is called PIANO and stars Ryan Ahern. Ryan is an extraordinary piano player. He will not only dazzle you with neat versions of your favorite songs, but will treat you to some of his. You will be in awe of this young virtuoso.
I took in Viva Elvis, at Aria and needless to say I got all shook up! Non-stop energy as is usual for the Cirque du Soliel shows – but I think this one is different than any other. Great dancing, set design and costumes! It made me feel like I got to know Elvis a bit more and in a unique way. It was indeed a thrilling show to see.
Another thrilling and high energy show is Human Nature at the Imperial Palace. Again the songs are from Motown but this has a flavor all of it’s own. The singing and dancing makes you want to jump on stage. Four very talented Austrailian men take us back to Detroit Michigan. They are Andrew and Michael Tierney, Toby Allen and Phil Burton.

Oh Yes! Some other great and legendary Entertainers I have been fortunate to see and hear are: Gladys Knight, who now has her own theater at the newly renovated Tropicana. She was amazing, and her brother Bubba has the sweetest and friendliest personality one could ever experience! He’s so much fun! Barry Manilow at Paris was everything I knew he would be, after all, “He Writes The Songs.” Fabulous! And Englebert Humperdink at the Orleans proved he is not only still a heart throb for us women, but still can sing a pretty melody as if it is meant just for you. Wonderful!

I could go on and on and tell you about all the other great stars I have enjoyed this last little while here in Las Vegas – but I will stop for now. I will tell you about it another time. In the meantime…. see you at the show!

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