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Happy Holidays from Lynn Ross

Lynn Ross

Santa Baby

Hi Everyone. You’re here! That’s wonderful. Welcome to Lynn Ross.com – This is one of my favorite times of the year. I think it’s because there is more love and good will towards man flying around.
Yup, I am still wearing my rose colored glasses and I have no intentions of taking them off. They suit me. No matter what you are celebrating this time of year, I encourage you to put LOVE into the mix. Open your heart and get your fill! I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays.

I will be singing Jazz standards and vintage pop tunes for your dining and dancing pleasure at The Onyx Restaurant. This is a relatively new spot that really has their act together. It is a fine dining restaurant serving delicious cuisine, that has a beautiful bar sporting a grand aquarium, gorgeous art on the walls and a couple of very chic water fountains. The atmosphere and decor are beautiful. This is a great place for singing, dining and dancing. Located inside Bogey’s Bar and Grill. The Onyx Restaurant, 7770 W. Ann Road, Las Vegas NV 89149 (at I-95 and Ann Rd)

Las Vegas has soooo much fabulous entertainment to take in. What a fantastic city! I hope you will fit me in too when you are out for the evening, because I would love to sing to you and see you again during this Holiday Season!

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